Living languages… what is more dynamic than life? What is more alive than the human being? What is more human than a spoken language?

Languages are alive… they change, they evolve, they are dynamic, unique, interesting and challenging. Languages represent a bridge of comprehension in all human relationships. In a language one finds symbols which need to be interpreted, labyrinths worth mastering not only for the sake of reaching a goal but also for the singularity of the journey.

This is the journey I would like to accompany you on.
Are you interested in a mysterious and almost forgotten language of our ancestors, such as Latin?
Do you find the unique precision of German fascinating and would like nothing more than mastering it?
Or is it the interesting Romanian pronunciation which drew your attention?

MnemosYna promises you two things, a successful learning process and an exciting discovery journey of your chosen language.

MnemosYne had a very special place in acient greek mithology. As the mother of the nine muses, MnemosYne is said to have been the goddess of memory and the inventress of words and languages. It is thanks to her that many items have names today By doing this she helped humans understand each other better. Some thousand years later, in the modern world of today, MnemosYna, a young language lover wishes to help you get a better understanding of the language of your choice, by putting at your disposal all her teaching experience, knowledge and passion for languages, she will guide you through the learning process and help you achieve your goals.

Each class is individually created and planned in order to match your personal needs and expectations. An extensive evaluation of your current language knowledge level as well as counselling are a courtesy that MnemosYne offers you at no extra cost. I would love to welcome you on board a journey of discovery, to surprise yourself with the uniqueness that each language has to offer in order to nt only learn a language but to ‘live’ it as well.